With the unemployment rate at 9.5 percent, hunting for available jobs can be challenging. Many incoming college students, in fact, are thinking about what degrees can give them a good job after graduation. Thankfully, there are many offline and online degree education options, if you know which industries are hiring.


  1. Education – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 75,000 job openings in the education sector in January 2009 alone. Apparently, there are many teacher job openings across the United States. In the next eight years, roughly 2.8 million teacher job opening slots must be filled to meet the demand.
  2. Health Care – It’s no surprise that healthcare job openings have remained stable during the recession. The BLS estimates that healthcare job openings like nursing, medical and health services managers, and home health aides will experience employment spikes through 2016.
  3. Information TechnologyIT job offers will continue to remain strong, as many industries are now dependent on ever-advancing technology. An IT degree will help you capitalize on the increasing IT job offers out there.


Don’t forget that you can combine majors


Taking up in-demand courses is one way to improve your job outlook after graduation. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one major. You can combine majors and expand your qualifications for two thriving industries. You can take a dual major like entrepreneurship with graphic design or a dual major in business and journalism, for instance, and these can increase your value in the workplace.


How An Online Degree Can Make You More Valuable


The recession is forcing a growing number of seniors to put their retirement plans on hold. For some of them, it’s just a matter of staying on the job. But for other older workers who have been laid-off, they need new jobs so they can resume their income stream and replenish their retirement savings. Job hunting can be a real challenge for people aged 65 and over, but it’s not impossible. Many senior workers are finding ways to renew their value in the workplace by taking up new online degrees.


The advantage of an online college program is that it provides flexibility, allowing adult students to learn new skills without having to cut back on other obligations. This way, senior citizens can learn relevant skills for new employment. It can also help them to stay in current jobs despite massive layoffs across virtually all industries.


Aside from senior citizens, younger professionals also benefit from online degrees. This is because online degrees help them in updating their skills. Going back to school adds to their working knowledge and experience in their fields of specialty. People can adapt to new methods and technologies that they can use in their work, improving their employment value and job security.


Online degrees help workers prolong their value in the workforce when the economy remains down longer than anticipated. Be it looking for a few more years of savings for your retirement or making yourself more valuable to your employer as you go up the ladder, online degrees can provide you with more tools and better preparation.