Chips Movement

The fixture begins while using the chips from the correct position. Every gamer has 5 items in the very first position in their house aboard, the single closest for the bar. They switching clockwise yet again, each gamer obtains 3 pieces on their side on the outer board. These are generally placed in the place not right future towards line, but 1 far from it. On another side on the outer board, around the place furthest away from the middle line, each and every participant places 5 far more pieces. Relocating rightwards across the aboard, just about every person puts two pieces inside opposite player’s residence board nearest to their “out” position.”

Each and every roll on the dice exhibits how a lot of items a gamer is permitted to move their chips. For example, should you roll a five and a four, you can shift your chips a grand total of nine points. You’ll be able to switch a person chip four spaces and the other chip 5 spaces. You have to use the two with the rolls if it’s legally feasible to suit your needs to make use of them. The only caveat is that you simply can’t precede a chip onto a space which is already occupied. If a player rolls doubles, they get double the moves, as an example, if you receive double 6’s, it is possible to shift 4 items six things instead of two pieces six things. If you have a single chip on the area along with a chip out of your opposing person lands on it, your piece gets sent back on the middle bar and from there it has to begin the journey within the other side of the aboard. The first individual to have all their chips via the panel and into the risk-free location wins.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

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Pay For College With Scholarships For Moms

There are a couple of ways that one can go about finding current scholarships for moms which are available, depending on whether they plan on going back to school, or need financial assistance to open up a business or fund their business project.

There are dozens of online writing websites which can be visited, in order to find study help. From government loans for school, to small business loans which are targeted at moms, there are billions of dollars to be claimed, and all an applicant has to do is look for these monies, and apply for them.

The first place to start the search for available scholarships for moms is with the governments website.

Searchers will basically fill out an application and register with the site, which will take anywhere from 3 days up to one week. Therefore, knowing deadlines to apply, and searching for the grants early, is something that should be done to avoid a deadline passing, or the application with the site not being approved by a certain deadline date.

Once registered, individuals are going to search the current grants and scholarships which are available.

The search can be done on all scholarships, or the searcher can narrow down the search field. She can choose from loans for only women, only mothers, and can narrow the search down even more depending on whether she is searching for school or business grants. The more narrow the search field, the more tailored the grants are going to be as well.

After having selected the scholarships which apply to the mother, she will then read the requirements to apply, make sure she is eligible, and read the steps to applying.

Most grants on the governments site are going to require that the application be printed out, filled out, and mailed in by a certain deadline date; but, there are certain scholarships which can be applied for directly online. Seeking out as many grants as the individual is eligible for, and applying for as many as possible, is the best way to ensure she will be approved for a scholarship. Additionally, by applying for more scholarships, the mother has a greater chance of being selected for more than one if she meets the qualifications and wins the scholarships, and will therefore earn more money either for school, or to fund her business she is opening.

Another way to find current scholarships for moms for those who are planning on going back to school is going to

This site is a sub site for the government, and will offer only the loans which are currently available for school (not business purposes). The application process works similarly to that of the main government site for scholarships. and the application process is similar. For this reason, applicants must start applying early, and make sure they check deadline dates to ensure they do not miss the time period to apply. Some of these grants are fairly simple to get, and all that is required is that an individual is a mom, or that she is a single mother going back to school.

For those who fit those parameters, these are the grants to apply for, as they are the ones you are going to be approved for. Other scholarships are more difficult, and require some kind of need basis, or a certain skill or type of trade school which the woman wishes to attend, in order for them to be able to apply. Either way, all of these scholarships on the site are legit, and it is a simple way for moms to get money to go back to school.

There are also various search sites that women can use, in order to find the current scholarships for moms which are available to them.

When using this method, searchers will find scholarships for both work and school, but they must be sure to find sites which are legit. There are millions of scammers online today. For this reason, when searching scholarship sites with basic search engines (like google or yahoo), the searcher must double check, and triple check the source, to make sure it is a legitimate scholarship offering for moms. This will not only ensure they are applying for something that exists, but will also ensure they are not giving out personal information to people or companies who are going to use that information fraudulently. It will also allow the women who are searching for the money, an additional avenue to apply, and potentially earn more scholarship money if she qualifies for additional scholarships which are being offered for moms on those third party scholarship sites. The application process for each of these scholarships will vary, since they are being offered by a third party, and they will be in charge of the guidelines for applying.

Therefore, when searching the sites, the applicants must read the information thoroughly, and make sure they are able to meet the application deadlines, and all requirements to be eligible for the scholarships being offered.

It does not matter if a mother is planning on going back to school to earn a degree, or whether she plans to start up a business, there is money available for moms, and there are various scholarship opportunities for them to consider applying with.

All that has to be done is for these individual applicants to get online, search for the available scholarships, and find the ones which they qualify for, in order to apply for them. During the application process, making sure they are applying to legitimate sites, and legitimate scholarship programs is something which has to be done as well.

And, rather than try to take out personal loans, women and mothers will find that there is free money waiting for them out there, which they will not have to pay back, if they are willing to take the time to search for it. For this reason, getting online, starting the search, and finding the current scholarships for moms which are available, is the first step to going back to school or opening up that new business for all moms.

Tactics to help you reside away from gambling obsession


Gambling addiction is a sober peril to a person’s pecuniary and corporal well-being. However, many people fall into the ambush of becoming addicted to gambling.

One on gambling:

You and your friends went to the local casino for a good time before getting back for dinner with your family. Well, you said to yourself “I’m just escorting these guys and will possibly put a bet or two for fun, nothing is important”. Then, you wrecked up losing half of your belongings and have a thought in your mind like “I can get all that back in the next bet”, which will never turn out your way. If so, you have a gambling addiction and do not know how to stop gambling.

Gambling statistics and gamblers problem:

Casino dealer dealing blackjack, detail of hands (blurred motion)

Out of 100 people, 5 people have the gambling addiction, which is an angst that we could not look away. Most of the gamblers do not know how to recuperate them from gambling. And, they did not know an alternative to gambling. Sometimes people who are strong-minded to stop an addiction do well for a period of time and then lose their balance.

Effect of gambling:

We all know that gambling is a severe problem and it does it’s denture on someone who did not realize that. It is vital to know that gambling does not focus on the money alone. It is a psychosomatic problem that affects the people who are very close to you. It is a cycle that keeps chronic unless an effective treatment is forced. The cycle begins with compulsive gambling, admitting the problem, inquiring help, family members try to counsel the dupe, when faith is restored and money is again copious.

An approach to staying away from gambling addiction:

Plenty of effective treatments and techniques have helped people on how to stop gambling and shrink or even totally stop any relapse situation. It is important to have a number of gambling addiction strategies in place to thwart this. Here are a few strategies that helps to convalesce you from gambling.

  • Write down the progression of things that go off in your life right before you enter into gambling. Do this until you have sketched out every step until you reach the point where you have lost money and are feeling offended.
  • Identify your thoughts and feelings that occur before, during and after the gambling. Because, most of the people gamble to evade or diminish their emotions like anger, fear, lonely or sad.
  • Make a video of yourself in which you will talk to the camera about the consequences you have suffered because of your gambling. Tell the real fact and the whole story of your situation. When you are tempted again to gamble, you can play this to yourself as a reminder.
  • Keep a list of the things you had lost and suffered because of your gambling in your pocket or purse at all times. Read it, when you’re feeling tempted.
  • Make sure you have people in your life who knew you more and helps you to stay away from gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction is no laughing matter and is not easily broken. It is time to inquire help and stop the devastation that gambling can cause.


Degrees with Promising Job Outlooks

With the unemployment rate at 9.5 percent, hunting for available jobs can be challenging. Many incoming college students, in fact, are thinking about what degrees can give them a good job after graduation. Thankfully, there are many offline and online degree education options, if you know which industries are hiring.


  1. Education – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 75,000 job openings in the education sector in January 2009 alone. Apparently, there are many teacher job openings across the United States. In the next eight years, roughly 2.8 million teacher job opening slots must be filled to meet the demand.
  2. Health Care – It’s no surprise that healthcare job openings have remained stable during the recession. The BLS estimates that healthcare job openings like nursing, medical and health services managers, and home health aides will experience employment spikes through 2016.
  3. Information TechnologyIT job offers will continue to remain strong, as many industries are now dependent on ever-advancing technology. An IT degree will help you capitalize on the increasing IT job offers out there.


Don’t forget that you can combine majors


Taking up in-demand courses is one way to improve your job outlook after graduation. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one major. You can combine majors and expand your qualifications for two thriving industries. You can take a dual major like entrepreneurship with graphic design or a dual major in business and journalism, for instance, and these can increase your value in the workplace.


How An Online Degree Can Make You More Valuable


The recession is forcing a growing number of seniors to put their retirement plans on hold. For some of them, it’s just a matter of staying on the job. But for other older workers who have been laid-off, they need new jobs so they can resume their income stream and replenish their retirement savings. Job hunting can be a real challenge for people aged 65 and over, but it’s not impossible. Many senior workers are finding ways to renew their value in the workplace by taking up new online degrees.


The advantage of an online college program is that it provides flexibility, allowing adult students to learn new skills without having to cut back on other obligations. This way, senior citizens can learn relevant skills for new employment. It can also help them to stay in current jobs despite massive layoffs across virtually all industries.


Aside from senior citizens, younger professionals also benefit from online degrees. This is because online degrees help them in updating their skills. Going back to school adds to their working knowledge and experience in their fields of specialty. People can adapt to new methods and technologies that they can use in their work, improving their employment value and job security.


Online degrees help workers prolong their value in the workforce when the economy remains down longer than anticipated. Be it looking for a few more years of savings for your retirement or making yourself more valuable to your employer as you go up the ladder, online degrees can provide you with more tools and better preparation.

Ice or Tin? Part 3

Texture of food isn’t changed by the expansion and contraction of water crystals when canned. However, canning has a different change which counts against the process. Fruit and vegetable enzymes are suspended easily when frozen but not when canned. Heating the food becomes necessary for that purpose. So various fruits and vegetables can (heh) get fairly mushy in their little jars.


Blanching is the compromise. Squishy blanched and canned food still exists but usually only comes from the very bottom of a jar. Enzymes still do their thing too, though at a reduced rate. The end result is that the shelf life of blanched-then-canned foods isn’t nearly so long as foods which are frozen or cooked and then canned.


There are other points to do with home canning and freezing that I haven’t included and still others I likely haven’t thought of at all. Then there are commercial canned and frozen foods. What local, national, or global companies reliably buy good stock from good people? Which labels do I trust when I’m out of options or time and want a can or frozen package of peas from the corner market?


This is what really sparked the debate again this year and, subsequently, this post. I bought a completely tasteless can of peas and don’t want to repeat the experience. I thought of conducting a cute experiment; hypothesis, criteria, the works. My funds are a little too limited for that sort of thing though.


What are your thoughts, please? Do you tend to buy frozen or canned fruits and vegetables? What brands do you like or dislike? Do you freeze or can foods yourself? How do you preserve meats for you and/ or your family?


And the first person to mention a certain canned meat product, the name of which rhymes with lamb, will be taunted profusely. That stuff is nasty.


Sources for this post include Wikipedia and stuff left in my brain by my nurturing grandmother and several brave and inventive junior middle and high school general science, chemistry, and biology teachers. All rights reserved for making left turns. Spleen not included. Void where prohibited by common sense.

Ice or Tin? Part 2

The time involved in thawing can be another point against freezing food. Texture changes can sometimes be kept to a minimum when food is allowed to warm slowly within a refrigerator or when submersed in cool water. That sort of thing takes at least a few hours planning though. Not all of us are up to that every day of the week during the winter months. There are other options, but pulling chicken from the freezer and thawing it via a microwave not only guarantees that the texture will be off but also usually means portions of the chicken will be almost cooked while others remain cool when the microwave has done its thing. So time and forethought are all but required when thawing frozen food. Those can be precious commodities when everyone in a household works for a living or spends most of their day looking after young ones.


Most freezers are subject to available power. Ever have to sort through a half-thawed freezer a day or two after a power outage to find out what is still frozen and what isn’t? It is disgusting work, especially when meats are involved. Yuuuuuuuuuuuk! Throwing uncooked food out is also something that makes me rather sad. Maybe that response is a product of guilt trips like, “Look. There are people homeless and starving just a few blocks away. I scraped to put that on your plate. Eat it.” The sentiment remains, regardless.


Canning is the other option Kate and I usually discuss. I tend to like the idea of canned foods better. Cans or jars are easily stacked and can be stored almost anywhere in a home. The packaging is easily recyclable; especially since the recycling of aluminum and steel cans was one of the first widespread, modern home-waste recycling programs.


While cooking with frozen food (thawing, really) takes forethought and time a bit before the end product can be used, canning requires planning and research at the very beginning. Adjustments due to elevation must be made. Acidity must be judged. Different equipment and methods must be used. It can be complicated. But using canned goods to make a dinner when rushed? It couldn’t be much easier. Pop a lid or crank a can-opener and I’m on my way in just a few seconds.


Ice or Tin?

Kate and I tend to rekindle a debate every year when Autumn and Winter make their way across the equator and fare at farmers’ markets begins to come from the Southern hemisphere. I like the eat local thang when convenient and usually when possible at all. So we go on about the better way of preserving foods during times when they may not be easily grown.


Freezing is one option and has many advantages. It is usually very easy to freeze food with modern, domestic refrigeration equipment and that equipment is somewhat inexpensive to those of us fortunate enough to live in countries like the United States, Italy, Japan, Brazil, or Australia. A little soak in vinegar, hot water, soy or teriyaki sauce, or treatment with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) may be needed, but usually:


A few spare minutes


Optional preparations


+   Space in the freezer

Frozen food

Freezing can be easy. Is it efficient? I mean that in several ways. Mainly, does freezing maintain taste, texture, and is it affordable to our wallets and our possible futures?


I don’t like thinking about how many joules are used to keep packages of peas and ears of corn suspended in water ice from their point of freezing until they are cooked in a consumer’s kitchen. How much of a drain is it on a town’s power grid with such a packaging plant down the street? How much fuel is burned in transit just to keep frozen food cool? What do grocers pay in the way of their electric bills? How does all of that translate to local, state, national, and global economics? I won’t pretend to understand how power companies and energy trading works but I wonder.


Leaving those crunchy worries aside, freezing is a change in matter states. Flesh that is frozen has a different structure than flesh sold fresh. Water within frozen flesh expands and then contracts when thawed. Cell walls pop. Most of you likely know the science so I won’t insult or bore you with the molecular details. My point is that the texture of frozen foods will often be at least a little, if not noticeably, different. The taste and texture of what I stuff in my maw matter a lot to me.